OAKBOT + Mobility trolley and clamping system


OAKBOT + Stationary system


Created by two timbermen whose objective was to simplify, optimize, and secure the work of craftsmen in their field, EPUR has designed the OAKBOT: The world’s first modular digital control milling machine.

Formerly, as timbermen, we were faced with the dilemma between (electric) portable tools and the large CNCs. Today, our revolutionary solution improves upon this offering.
The OAKBOT allows us to benefit from the advantages of CNC in terms of productivity and precision while preserving the craftsmanship and unique touch of wood.
The robot allows you to work safely as it operates autonomously. And with its high productivity, you will gain added value, which will help improve your business. Furthermore, our innovative, precise, and reliable robot features an intuitive and user-friendly control panel.

Now you can truly unleash your creativity while we take care of the programming!

Affirmed values…

EPUR promotes the use of wood as noble material in the construction industry while providing innovative and high-performing solutions for the wood construction sector.
With a particular emphasis on high-quality manufacturing and combatting planned obsolescence, our industrial development is focused on responsible growth.
By manufacturing and marketing our products from a small village in the southern French Pyrenees, our company creates employment opportunities in rural areas and helps to stimulate the revival of industrialization in the more remote zones through the production of MADE IN FRANCE machine tools.


Straight tenon and mortise

Double member

Male and female dovetail joint

Halving joint

Double straight and skewed tenon Double mortise

Notched joint


Angled dovetail joint

Column cap dovetail joint

Skewed tenon and mortise

Notched joint


is designed to optimize the robot’s capabilities on larger or smaller wood sections. Its stationary system enables a seamless integration into your production line, streamlining your processes.
Machining capabilities XYZ:
(3×300)*200*83 mm


merges the convenience of mobility with the efficiency of digital technology. The robot’s associated trolley allows you to effortlessly navigate around your wooden pieces, simplifying the machining process.
Machining capabilities XYZ:
300*200*83 mm


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